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Drape Wrap Shirt "Monaca" from Waffle Patterns

monaca from waffle patterns

Pattern : Monaca from Waffle Patterns
Fabric : polyester chiffon with monochrome floral print

This over sized easy-to-wear shirt is very relaxing without any tightness, yet somehow elegant with drapes in front, longer back length, shirt collar with stand, and 3/4 length sleeves.

Because of the draping wrap front hem, I had to choose fabric that look good in both sides (reversible). When I wanted to sew this with printed fabric, it should be sheer so the print look equally good in both right/wrong sides. So challenging to sew, especially the collar and stand, with such sheer chiffon.

monaca from waffle patterns

Anyway, my effort has got rewarded for the result, a light and comfortable (and quick dry) blouse. A perfect everyday casual!

So far I wear it on my tank top, and when weather get cooler, I'd like to wear it on high-necked tee/knit.

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